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Recommendations for an invoicing solution

Question asked by c.wagner1 on Feb 10, 2011
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Recommendations for an invoicing solution


Hi Guys,

I wrote the current invoicing solution our company uses about 4 years ago.  While it has served us well, it was my first major filemaker project.  In the last 4 years feature after feature has been incorporated into it.  It is now held together with bubble gum and duct tape.  After going through the latest list of feature requests I came to the conclusion that my basic design was pretty week and it is really time for a start from scratch rewrite.

I am looking for invoicing solution example files that I can examine to see how the authors laid out the work flow.  Every example have ever downloaded and looked at or read about in books has a pretty crappy end user work flow.  Our sales staff creates 100-200 new invoices per day with 85% of these being first time customers.  Every solution I looked at requires this to be done in 2 steps.  First create a new customer in the customers layout, second create the sale in the sales orders layout.  Ultimately this isn't really the most efficient work flow.  I know how I solved the issue but would be interested in seeing how others have handled these problems.