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    recommendations for bar code scanner



      recommendations for bar code scanner



      I am helping a client build a stock control system with Filemaker Pro. I am looking for a FM13 compatible wireless scanner - that you have used and can be purchased in the UK. Any suggestions ? Thanks




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          We have used SYMBOL TECHNOLOGIES successfully.  No issue with scanner.  used primarily for inventory.

          Motorola owns the company.  Should be easy enough to find.



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            Whichever hardware you select, I recommend that you confirm with their tech support that it has the following features:

            Keyboard Emulation Mode. Nearly all USB type scanners use this mode as the default. With it, you can scan a bar code and see the text in any text field that has the focus at the time you scanned the code--much like having a magic typist very rapidly type in the data at your keyboard.

            Ability to configure a "Prefix" or "pre-amble" code. This is text that will automatically precede any data scanned from the bar code. In FileMaker, you can use such text to trip an OnObjectKeystroke script trigger to automate the start of your scanning process by putting the focus into the correct field to receive your scanned data.

            Ability to configure a "postfix" or "post-amble" code to be appended to the end of the stream of scanned data. This text can also trip a trigger (I've set them up to be a tab, Return or Enter character to trigger the OnObjectExit trigger) to perform a script to process the scanned barcode.

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              Thanks. how do I get filemaker to detect that a key sequence has been pressed on the scanner and therefore invoke a script ? thanks



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                When it runs in keyboard emulation mode, it's as though your scanner is another keyboard connected to your computer. Thus the text input into your database via scanner will trip the OnLayoutKeystroke trigger just as though you pressed that key on the keyboard.

                See this thread for some script examples:Need help writing script to integrate barcode scanning

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                  Thanks - has anybody ever tried to have a purely wireless scanner - i.e without using an ipad / iphone. the scanner will connect wirelessly to the network on which filemaker pro is operating. thanks



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                    By what means? Blue Tooth or WiFi?

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                      Interested in either but I suspect that Wifi would be the better option. What have you tried ?

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                        Neither, but I am aware of those that use blue tooth. Some work with a computer in keyboard emulation mose just as though they were connected via USB. This is almost exactly like hooking up a wireless keyboard to your computer. And there are versions of such scanners that work with iOS devices via blue tooth. These can often scan data much faster than the iOS device's camera due to having to focus before capturing the bar code image each time.

                        Others store data from repeated scans as you wander the store or warehouse scanning bar codes and then, when you return into range of the computer they "dump" their data into the computer to be processed into the database.

                        But a scanner that uses WiFi to stay in constant live contact with the network certainly also sounds possible. If such exist, they might be much more of a challenge to integrate with FileMaker given the different technology involved.

                        But all of this info except the last paragraph is strictly from what I have learned from others posting here to the forum. The last paragraph is only conjecture on my part.