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Recommended FileMaker hosting

Question asked by LeeMoreau on Apr 30, 2015
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Recommended FileMaker hosting


Hey everyone,

Was wondering if anyone can recommend someone good.  We are a small business only a few users using FileMaker.  We're in Toronto and our FM host is in Atlanta I believe which is fine as our application isn't bandwidth intensive.  We pay like $12 a month for hosting of 1 database so pricing is great.  They give unlimited concurrent connections, but the problem is when using WebDirect they have it set to time out after 15 minutes, and if using FMPro application it's something like 20-30.  It's not a huge deal but almost every single time I click FileMaker to switch to the application, it's at the screen saying connection was lost and I have to log back in.

Are there any hosts anyone can recommend that are similar under $20 a month ideally but that don't have the timeout so quick?  Our host said that's how they set it and can't be changed so was wondering if there's any other providers.  They are sort of hard to find as there's lots out there but most are all "call for a quote" type thing, where the one we have now you just sign up on your own and so on.