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    Record Access


      Record Access


      Hi All,


      I'm trying to set up an privilege set that a user will see only his/her created record on the database. I have two Tables Users Table and Product Table


      My Users Table Fields Information

      UserIDNumberIndexed, Auto-enter serial
      CreationAccountTextCreation Account Name, Can't Modify
      First NameText 
      Last NameText 
      FullNameCalculationFirstName & " " & TextStyleAdd(LastName; Bold)


      Product Table


      ProductIDNumberIndexed, Auto-enter serial
      Product Name  
      Product Lot No.  
      Product Code  
      Quantity Received  
      Received Date  


      My Two tables are connected by UserID  = Products_UsersID


      I Created a Privilege Set Which I called Limited


      This is What I set Up


      Privilege Set Name (Limited)Description
      Records (Custom Privilege) 
      Layouts (All Modifiable) 
      Value Lists (All Modifiable) 
      Scripts (All Modifiable) 


      Table NameViewEditCreateDeleteField Access
      ProductsLimited ( IsEmpty ( Users::AccountName ) or Users::AccountName = Get ( AccountName )IsEmpty ( Users::AccountName ) or Users::AccountName = Get ( AccountName )Yes-all
      [Any New Table]----none


      Im trying to Log in to my Account Rosalie but not allowing me to create a record to my Product Table.



      Thank you.