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record access privileges

Question asked by JeromeSkrdla on Jan 12, 2014
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record access privileges


     I have an online budget database for our school where staff enter their budgets for next year.  I need to allow staff to log in with their individual id and password.  Their access needs to allow creating records and then limit them to viewing only their records.  I am getting a message when I log in as the user and use their password that states, "your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action. the database opens with no access showing on all fields.

     These are the steps I have followed in creating the acct.

     I have created a new account (teacher's Name), I gave the account Limited Access With the following Data Access and Design

     Records: Custom privileges include:

     View Limited using the formula-Record_Created_By = Get(AccountName), Editing (checked Yes), Create (checked Yes), Deleting (checked Yes), Field Access (All)

     Layouts:  Custom Privileges include:

     Pink Sheet Layout (layout accessed by teachers) is modifiable, Records via this layout is modifiable,

     Value Lists:  All View only

     Scripts:  All no access