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    Record being modified



      Record being modified


      Hi Everyone,


      Im hoping someone can help here,


      I have 2 tables, "Patients" and "Med Visit"


      I have a layout for each table and on the patients layout i have several portals displaying information from Med Visit and other related tables.

      On the portal for Med Visit, I have key information displayed as well as the creation date. The Date field is set up as a button to open related record using "Med Visit" Layout in a new window but when user tries to modify any field a POP UP says record cannot be modified since it is already being modified elsewhere.


      I need this to open in a second window because user at time needs to look at information from the first window displaying "Patients" information.


      I tried adding "commit record" to my script before opening new window but this does not work, when i do that the second window always opens to the fiorst of the related records and not the one selected.


      Any help with this is appreciated

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          A portal is designed to modify or create data in a related table or database.

          Opening another window is typically used to view data concurrently, nor for data entry.

          (I may be wrong about this)

          The focus is important (meaning what is window one looking at [which would be locked to other windows]

          Why can't you do what is needed within the portal? Requiring another window to accomplish?

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            Ok, so yes the portal can be used to enter data into a related record, however in my case the portal is used only to view key fields of the related table.


            The reason i dont have the users enter the data directly through the portal is because the related table has over 29 fields and these need to be in different sizes to accomodate the amount of data going into each.


            A new window allows me to use any layout i want, in my case there are 3 layouts for the same table because not all layouts include the same fields.


            A Female Patient for example might include a field asking for the last menstrual period where a layout for male will not and children meet a different criteria as far as what information is needed.

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              Why use a new window? If you just switch to the layout, staying within the same window, the change in layouts will commit (and release) the portal record so you can edit your data on the other layout. You can then put a button on this second layout to take the user back to the first instead of having them close the window.


              The alternative is to add script steps that select the original window, and commit the record after the GTRR, then select the new window again. I suspect that might flash your background window briefly to the front and that could look quite ugly. It might be worth experimenting thoug to see if that's the case or not.

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                Portals can be for 10 records or 1 record, meaning the amount of screen real estate is very variable.

                And you can have multilple layouts, one for male and one for female.

                One for data entry, one for viewing, one for printing.

                You can look at  the data in multiple layouts, using the one most correct for the task at hand.

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                  Hey Phil,


                  Well as i mentioned before i would like to have both windows only since the user might need to look at data from the last window, this way he can just place the 2 windows side by side and complete his medical visit while being able to look at the patients medical history to see if there is any relation between the different illness and so on. I do like your second idea, and figure i can just freeze screen to prevent the flashing of the window that way it doesnt look ugly.

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                    Either I'm doing something different or there's a difference between platforms or versions.


                    I've just been trying several different combinations with a field set up as a button that uses Go To related record with the new window opton. I can't get a record lock error no matter what I've tried.


                    I've tested this with Filemaker 11 and Filemaker 10 on Windows Xp.

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                      I have also done this with both FMP 10 and FMP 11

                      on windows 7 and Mac OSX and i keep having the same problem


                      This record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window.


                      Thats the exact message

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                        OK i found the problem


                        because there is a related table for the doctors to put in presets i had a


                        set field [ button; Get ( AccountName )

                        before goiing to the layout in new window and this is what caused the problem


                        I moved this to the end of the script after the new window was selected and it fixed the problem.


                        I figured this out after finding that Phil wasnt having the same problem.


                        Thanks Phil