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Record being modified

Question asked by nolak37 on Apr 1, 2010
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Record being modified


Hi Everyone,


Im hoping someone can help here,


I have 2 tables, "Patients" and "Med Visit"


I have a layout for each table and on the patients layout i have several portals displaying information from Med Visit and other related tables.

On the portal for Med Visit, I have key information displayed as well as the creation date. The Date field is set up as a button to open related record using "Med Visit" Layout in a new window but when user tries to modify any field a POP UP says record cannot be modified since it is already being modified elsewhere.


I need this to open in a second window because user at time needs to look at information from the first window displaying "Patients" information.


I tried adding "commit record" to my script before opening new window but this does not work, when i do that the second window always opens to the fiorst of the related records and not the one selected.


Any help with this is appreciated