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Record contains Question Marks (?) in all Fields

Question asked by mikethecreative on Mar 1, 2013
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Record contains Question Marks (?) in all Fields


     Today while using my Database, a record that I just entered today gave me an error ("This field is not modifiable") and now displays question marks (?) in all of the fields. it's information I got from a Client today and it will be exteremly difficult to get again.

     I researched online and tried a variety of solutions, from exporting the data, to file recovery, but nothing seemed to work. What is strange is that the record can be found based on data that was on the record, for instance by the Client ID or Client First or Last Name field. So it seems as if the data is still there but Filemaker is not allowing it to be shown. All other records work fine.

     Any ideas on why this is happening?

     Also, I am using a remote copy of my Database which is on a hosted server through WorldCloud.

     Thanks in advance for your help.