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Record count with condition

Question asked by lijnbach on May 21, 2014
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Record count with condition


     Hello everybody,

     In a lay out I would like to show the total number of records, but only the total number of records with a certain condition. 

     If a user performs a find, the lay out shows the records with the appropriate conditions. I can show the number of records with "Found count" function.

     But I also want to show the Total Number of records, that is also no problem. But, users can not remove records because of consistency reasons. They only can put records in archive.

     So, I want to show the total number of records that are not in archive. And I can't find a function for this one. I can solve this problem with calculated fields. But I was wondering if there is a function for this without creating additional calculated fields.

     Thanks in advance,

     Hans Lijnbach