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    record does not appear in a find



      record does not appear in a find


      Newer user to Filemaker pro 10.  Used Access till PC died and switched back to Mac.  Set up db for membership for membership info for local historical Society.  Have a layout to update info.  Entered an update  and its there when I do a find on last name in total db .  However, when I do a find on a another field it does show up and it should.

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          Hi woodcutter,


          We need a bit more information such as:


          1) Are you performing the find manually?  If not, what is your script and if not, does it work if you perform the find manually?

          2) What is the data type of the field you are searching and what is the data inside?

          3) Are you sure that data exists?  Can you find the record and copy the data inside and try searching that way?

          4) Are you searching the current table or do you have a related table involved?