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Record Duplication problem on Web Publishing

Question asked by ESurina on May 1, 2012
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Record Duplication problem on Web Publishing


I have a simple database that we are using to log incoming checks.  This database is being run on Filemaker Pro 9 and some of the users are logging in the information via the Instant Web Publishing feature. One of the fields in this database automatically logs the userID for the creation of the record.

My issue has just recently occured and am not sure what could be causing it.

  • User A creates a new record and logs in a check
  • Once they hit submit, they noticed that two records were created:
    •      The one that they created with "User A" in the Created by field
    •      A second record with some missing information and "User B" in the Created By field

What is really confusing me is that User B was logged into the Database but was only viewing records at the time that this error occured.  Does anyone have any thoughts on why this could be occuring?