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    Record Field Change History



      Record Field Change History


           I would like to create a way to retain a history of changes that occur for a record and it's relative field contents.

           Is the solution posted at the link below still the best route to take for a novice developer? If so, I am stuck at the "Set Field" script steps where I seem to only be able to add one field... I know I'm making a rookie mistake, but I obviously can't figure out what it is =/


           Or, if there's a new and improved way to approach, feel free to shove me in that direction =)


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               There are at least a couple of good "modification" methods online. But I'd have to go find them (on my computer). But, to answer your question for what is wrong; I see the field name, but I do not see that it is being set to anything; your missing the "Calculation result:".

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                 When Setting up Set Field, there are two Specify buttons that must be clicked. To get Set Field [Table::Field ; Expression], add set field to your script and click the first button (specify target field). Select Table::Field from the list of fields. Do not click the specify button next to the repetition box. Click OK to close this dialog box. Now click the lower specify button (calculated result) and create the expression to the right of the semicolon (;). Do not try to type in the semicolon.

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                   Thank you Fenton, I would be interested to know of any other good ways to record field change history, please share if you are able to find.

                   PhilModJunk, I obviously don't know what I'm doing, but was able to proceed thanks to your post, many thanks =)

                   If another solution gets posted I will try it too, meanwhile I'll rack up some experience continuing to work through this script.

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                     What should I check if I'm creating blank records by the thousands in both the main table and the secondary table?

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                            I obviously don't know what I'm doing

                       Don't kick yourself too hard. This issue crops up with enough regularity that I keep that particular block of text in a database table of answers to frequently asked forum questions so that I just copy and paste it each time I see it here.

                       Thus, you are far from the only person to be confused by the two specify buttons for Set Field.

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                         Here is the site where one of the good "log" systems on the Internet. Look for "UltraLog"; available for FileMaker versions, depending on which you're running. There are a few others, from other developers also, but I cannot remember their names exactly right now (I cannot remember names well).


                         Here is an earlier one, using a different method; by John Mark Osborne:


                         There's even more, somewhere...