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    record layout



      record layout




           this is my first time posting and I am very new to filemaker pro. I hope one of you will be able to help me.

           I am trying to build custom catalogue entries in filemaker pro 13. Each record contains textual data and at least one image. Some of my records, however, have 3 images. Is there a way of customising the layout so that when a record has only one image the two additional image windows are not appearing empty in the record?


           Thank you!

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               Right clicking on the image container and clicking conditional formatting. Then clicking add and changing the condition from value is to formula is. Set up a formula so when the container is empty it will blend in with the background. You will have to pick the colors though. Does that help?

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                 Or use a related table for your pictures with one picture in each related record. You can then set up a portal with a scroll bar to display your pictures.

                 It's also possible to set up duplicate layouts by selecting this option from the layout menu while in layout mode. You can then modify the copy of the layout to have additional container fields and use the OnRecordLoad trigger to perform a script that changes layouts to switch to the correct layout for that record.