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Record level access set but can not preform a find

Question asked by laneystewart on Jul 9, 2010
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Record level access set but can not preform a find


FM 11 database created on a MAC hosted on a FMS 10 on windows.  I have set record level access to a database that contains lists of students and their employment forms.   Each department can see only the forms from their department.  In the Open script I use the Get (AccountPrivledgeSetName) to match the department # in a table.  I also want the script to find only the records that  person has access to (it fails) and then show them the records in a portal.  When it tried to preform the find in the table that the student records are in, it comes back with a error that no records match this find criteria.  Why is this??? If I cancel the script I have all the records in it and many of them have <no access> but the ones with the correct department can be seen.  I have read many posts that this should work, is this a problem with FM 11???  I have attached my code.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!