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Record Level Security by User

Question asked by joelande on Aug 31, 2011
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Record Level Security by User


I want to deploy a rapid-development web-based database, so I am looking for a quick and easy way to do this (i.e. without writing lots of custom code).


I want to put a database online, and share it through instant Web Publishing. Done.

I want to authenticate users to my OSX directory. Done (set up an external account authentication and entered a group name).

I want to setup security so that users can:

a) only edit the records they create

b) view anybody's records (read-only)


That is where I get stuck. I created a new Privilege Set.

I clicked on custom for records access, selected the "limited..." option for edit and was presented with a calculation box.


From there I wasn't sure what the best approach was.

Perhaps I have to do an auto-entry field that captures their username when they create a new record, then look for a match when editing?


Ideas? Advice?