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    Record List in Webviewer



      Record List in Webviewer


           Fellow developers, a question I must ask (I'm sorry if this seem so unusual; my filemaker development is not the most common)

           I have a database of paragraphs. The idea being, each paragraph is a record, in a Table named Reference. The whole idea of this database, which has more tables but could work with just one, is to make a manual, a handbook for the company I work for.

           Let me give a example: we have a specific instruction on how to deal with taxes at importation. We create a record named: taxes at importation, and we related this record to another record in our self-related table (taxes, or importation). So:


                          RecordID_pk    FatherID_fk      Title

           R1                1                       0                 Importation

           R2                2                       1                 Taxes at importation


           the idea is to have a list of related records, with order numbers self-created, all of which I ALREADY HAVE.

           So our database already does the following:

           - organize the record relating it to parents

           - performs searches easily (thanks for fmsearch for that)

           - easily allows to change parent record

           - order the records in a unified string -- 01; 01.01; 01.02; 02, etc.


           My problem is: we have people (trainees) that need to read the whole manual over and over again (because they want to memorize, and they seem to think this is a good way - who can argue?). We have a "create pdf with all records" button, but they insists on reading live material. And there is some point to that. If the person is reading a theme, and it changes after the PDF is created, it obviously wont go to the pdf (unless another pdf is made). I know that whatever was read before will not be revised (like, any changes in chapter one will be missed if the person is already in chapter two) but he will re-read it eventually; no big deal.

           As the reading may be exausting, and the trainees have, obviously, other tasks to do, we have a 1000 pages manual, which is something like 60 hours long to read, which the trainees will read 2 hours a day (more or less), 4 days a week. This means that if the trainee generates the PDF today, and we have a change in some topic, he will have to read the whole manual once (60hours/8hours per week aprox = 7,5 weeks) and them re-read the theme, which can cause some stress in this almost two months delay.

           So, we need to do live reading.

           My problem is: how to make the best reading experience in filemaker for lots of records with different sizes of text?

           Some paragraphs are two sentences long. Some, two pages long. Some are just titles. When I print to pdf is very simple (with the slide up feature), but when I make a layout, all I can offer, so far, is a list view with fixed sizes or a form view, with go to next record.


           What I want?

           First, any suggestion if there is some obvious way to do what I need that I'm missing

           Second, a way to display all (or some at least) of my records in a list-way in a webviewer. Kind like a wikipedia page has sub-topics (ok, it doesn't need all the fancy jump-to-section, although it would be awesome). Right now, I'm not trying to have the full-implementation, but just to understand which way I may/might follow.


           Thanks for the help in reading all this long text.

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          Have you considered simply leaving them on your PDF print layout, and letting them just scroll through pages while in preview mode? You'll still get to take advantage of sliding that way, plus all the data should be live.
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                 A calculation field can combine the paragraphs into a single read only field equipped with a scroll bar. Users can then read the text in this field and be reading, say all the text for a given chapter. You might have this structure:


                 Chapters::__pkChapterID = Paragraphs::_fkChapterID

                 Then a calculation field in Chapters: List ( Paragraphs::Paragraph ) can combine all the paragraphs from a single chapter into a single field for the purposes of presenting the text to the reader for reading. The reader can scroll the field's scroll bar to read the portion of the chapter that extends past the bottom edge of the field.

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                   I haven't. Now I'm considering, and it really solves my question in a way.

                   Well, one thought, I cannot make it roll like a PDF would, right? is just a turn-page way. Although I will say it's a easy solution.


                   But I'm really thinking about making something that has the web look-and-feel. Like, I've already made some implementation on keywords we use to open some websites, and would love to dig in html. I want the database to feel-like a encyclopedia that you could read, select text, maybe select some text and put it in a portal, etc. This the preview mode won't let me do...


                   Thanks for the help so far!

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                     PhilModJunk. That seems like a good way to go too. But, to be sincere, although it's easy to implement. I was thinking on something different, more complex (please, take this not as a critic; I just like to overthink stuff).


                     Maybe I should reformulate my question: I want it htmled. I want to be able to click in a button to expand text, or to jump to another portion just by clicking it's topic.


                     I'm not saying you guys didn't answer my request; you did. But as I think now, I want something bigger


                     Thanks so far for all