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    Record locked message



      Record locked message


      I am getting constant messages saying that another user "is modifying this record."  I know that the other user  (it seems to be just one particular user) is in the database but they are NOT editing the record(s) that I am on.

      The layout has a tab control with 7 tabs, allows edit of 4 other tables, 3 portals (one-to-many off the main table), and uses data from multiple other related tables. 

      The message doesn't tell me which record/table is being edited.  How can I tell which?  Is the record locked just by the other user accessing it OR do they have to make a change without saving it?

      I just rolled this app out and instituted security.  Also my first FileMaker app ever.

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          To Edit lock a record, you need only place the cursor into one of its fields. This "opens" the record for editing and locks out attempts to change the date when made by other users or even in other windows by the same user.

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            Okay, that makes sense. 

            It should only lock that record though, correct?  If the other user is in a different proposal then I shouldn't get a locked message, should I?

            Actually, I didn't mention it but it appears that I am not locked out.  I can make changes without further messages.

            Is there any way to tell which record/table is causing the message?

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              Not easily. Do you have any scripts excuting when you access this layout? Do they modify data in a field?

              The lock could be a related record in a portal that is locked by user 1.

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                I have a script that runs when opening the layout.  It was in fact setting the value of a field that is shared by ALL proposals.  I was setting the user name when I wasn't sure how I was going to do security.

                Since I don't need to do that and NEVER did, I disabled that one line and problem FIXED.  Curious that I never saw this during testing with two people, only after setting up the security.

                Thanks again, Lanny