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Record locking problem

Question asked by mps1773 on May 21, 2010
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Record locking problem


We are having a problem with record locking that I just can't seem to get my head wrapped around.  The problem arises on a layout that is central to work management in the organization.  This layout stays open in many static locations and is accessed by many more, on and off.  We are using FMSA11 on OSX 10.6.  Clients having this problem are FM/FMA 11.  This problem has persisted since FM[A/SA]10 but is becoming more of a problem as the company continues to grow.


Here is the basic structure:


The layout is based on the TO "Assignments_EmployeeCenter" with the only directly accessed field being a global field used to allow employees to choose there name from a drop-down listing the names of all employees.  Once the name has been chosen a relationship between TO "Assignments_EmployeeCenter" and (matching Name) TO "Assignments" and then (matching Task ID) TO "Tasks", aided by a script trigger for other filter/processing creates the listing of tasks for that employee in a portal.  From here the employee has a pop-up in each row of the portal next to each task for which they have an assignment that shows whether the employee is Active/Inactive/Complete on each of those tasks.  They can then select to change that status from that pop-up.


The record locking message comes at this point, when an employee attempts to change a status. This has been difficult to troubleshoot since these ppl are scattered across two locations and widely around the plant and tend to be very busy, there and then gone.  I have managed to catch it happening close by at one time and discovered that the person was not affecting any of the records having to do with my own. I have also been able to attempt to step through the activated script when this happens and the script never even gets to run before the message comes up.  Oddly enough, switching from one record to the next on the main layout (TO "Assignments_EmployeeCenter"), even though it has no effect on the records displayed and accesses only a single global field, causes the problem to no longer happen.


Does anyone have any idea of what is happening here?