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Record Locking, maybe

Question asked by singerdf on Mar 27, 2014
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Record Locking, maybe


     I have recently run into a situation I am not sure how to amend or proceed forward.  

     I have created a database with multiple tables.  One of the tables is a very long list of contacts.  These contacts are used in another related table.  Similar to POS.  Each year, I like to go through the contacts and delete those that no longer exist and update information for those that do.  Unfortunately, when I do that the information propagates through out the records where the contact has been used.  Not surprising.  

     My first thought was to lock the record once a new one is created.  Not sure how I would go back through 4000 records and lock them.

     So at this point, I am stumped and would gratefully invite others to guide me.

     Happy to answer any and all questions as needed.