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Record multiple users on one record

Question asked by wakinheimer on Oct 22, 2013
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Record multiple users on one record


     FileMaker Pro 11:

     I have a System Test table where several operators enter a portion of the data collected.  One record should contain "Assembler", "Tester", and potentially "BurnIn Tester", and/or "HiPot Tester" additionally.  Right now, the fields are set up as drop-down lists from a value list of applicable personnel.  I need two things to happen.  1) if the user's account name doesn't correlate with the drop-down choice, I'd like an alert to appear to make the user either select the correct name, or re-login. (It is not uncommon for one user to log in, leave the record open, then the next phase user comes in and adds to the record under the original user's account name.) and, 2) The record cannot be considered "complete" without both "Assembler" and "Tester" filled out, but these two steps most often happen at different times.  ("BurnIn" and "HiPot" are special cases that I will figure out once I understand the best way to accomplish this first part.)

     This table is the parent to another table and I have a script step that commits the record at some point during data entry, so I can't require the "Tester" field to be not empty at all times.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this - you might need more information from me.  Thanks in advance for your advice.