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Record Navigation Using Book - Script Trigger Possibility?

Question asked by shudder on Apr 28, 2011
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Record Navigation Using Book - Script Trigger Possibility?


Hey Folks --

I need to kick off a script to do some clean-up on the current record before going to a different record.  I can do this nicely programmatically, and all works well with that.  How can I do this if the user uses the Book (rolodex in the Status Area) to switch between records?  I don't see any way to attach a pre-run script to the Book, and I need something to happen on the current record before the user leaves it.

I was thinking maybe I could use an OnRecordLoad trigger when the user clicks the Book to go to a different record (or perhaps drags the slider!!!), but not sure if I can get back to the old record to perform the clean-up I need to do and then get back to the new record correctly.  I say 'old' and 'new' because depending on which way one clicks on the book, the record choice might be Previous or it might be Next.  Or if they use the slider, I am really screwed!  See my dilemma?

Anyone know a way I can solve this?

I've searched a lot in here and found nothing relating to the Book and record navigation that is related.

Thanks for your time.

- shud