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Record number

Question asked by GaryVogt on Mar 28, 2013
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Record number


     I imported a database from Excel.  The records in the Excel file were supposed to be sorted by date.  When I imported them and sorted by date, records 42 and 41 were out-of-order.  Not a big problem, except that I want to get the ending balance from a previous record and use it as the beginning balance of a current record.  

     I used the "Get (RecordNumber)" to get the number of the current record and "Get (RecordNumber) -1" to get the previous record number.  Then I used  "GetNthRecord ( Ending Balance ; Get Record Number Previous )" to get the value of the previous ending balance.

     Everything worked until the 41st record.  In the window in the upper left corner, it says record number 41.  HOWEVER, the "Get (RecordNumber)" is 42.  So, I have a circular computation.  

     QUESTION:  Why doesn't "Get (RecordNumber)" get the current record number?

     Note: I resorted the file using "Ending Balance" as the sort criteria.  "Get (RecordNumber)" doesn't change.