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Record Number Renumbering Problem

Question asked by MichaelPapenburg on Dec 5, 2011
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Record Number Renumbering Problem


My company is currently running FileMaker Pro 8.0v2. We have a docket database that uses unique consecutive record numbers. Every several months, we will open up the database to find that the records have been renumbered. 

For example, lets say that you have existing records that range from 1 to 3000. What happens is that records 1 to 2000 will be renumbered as 3001 to 5000, but records 2001 to 3000 will be unaltered, and the system does not acknowledge that numbers 3001 to 5000 have been used. In other words, manually creating a new record would generate #3001 which effectively creates multiple records with the same number (which is a major problem).

I have been with the company for a year now and have seen this happen 3 or 4 times. I am convinced that this is a random problem with our database rather than operator error but I am very open to suggestions. The only random connection that I can see with the problem is that it almost always happens when a new user is set up on our FileMaker server. 

Could the program itself be corrupted? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'll gladly answer any questions if my post is not clear.