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Record Numbering a Sub Summary Part

Question asked by kmcnair1 on Dec 19, 2011
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Record Numbering a Sub Summary Part


I need some insight on how to number records on a sub-summary part.  I've been searching for an answer for quite some time so I've decided to become a first time poster to the forum.

I have a database that tracks projects and their related services.  One project can have many services.  I have a layout that displays records from the services table that are sub summarized by a region and by project name/id.  I'd like to number the projects on the layout.  The @@ function doesn't work because it's numbering the services not the projects listed and since most projects have more than one service, the number is not sequential using @@ . 

Do I need a count field in the project table that counts the project's name?  I've create a field in the project table that is a summary field that is to be a count of project name.  When I add that field to the sum-summary part, it numbers each project with the number one, so that isn't quite right. 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.