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    record outline layout



      record outline layout


      Best way to create" tree outline" layout

      layout shows records and sub records in outline style


      sub record

      sub of sub record


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          You'll need to describe a few more details. Are sub records and sub sub records records from the same table or related tables?

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            Hmmm, now that I think of it, I don't think the answer to my question really matters.

            Say you have these relationships


            Records::__pkRecordID = SubRecords::_fkRecordID
            SubRecords::__pkSubRecID = SubSubRecords::_fkSubRecID

            For reporting purposes, you can set up a list view layout based on SubSubRecords. Fields from Sub Records and Records can be included ins Sub Summary parts to produce the format you've specified.

            While such a layout could be used for data entry, you may find that portals make more sense for data entry. Since you can't put a portal inside a portal that requires either setting up a List layout based on SubRecords with a portal to SubSubRecords or a "master-detail" pair of portals on a Records layout where putting the focus on a row in the "master" portal (based on SubRecords) establishes a link to and displays the related SubSubRecords in the "detail" portal.

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              I'm trying to do in FM what is often found on the web - Organization of projects etc.

              The ability to build Categories and sub categories and lists of items with sub list items and sub of sub list items etc. etc. etc.

              And be able to move content of one field to another - which I'll do with script buttons i suppose.

              But trying to figure out the correct table and layout organization.  

              Seperate tables for each level is what I think your saying above??

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                I have three table occurrences, they could all be occurrences of the same data source table.

                Moving content from one field to another can also be done with drag and drop.