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    Record printing



      Record printing


      When I print out a record it prints 2 blank pages with it. How do I get rid of the extra pages on the records?

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          Hi kojak, 


          Check you layout in layout mode and see any of the parts extend over the print border, which is the gray dashed line.


          If it does then move the part up to the area you need it.


          If you have got fields or anything extending over these, select 'Format > Set Sliding/Printing...' and set these to 'Slide up based on All above' and then also check 'Also reduce the size of the enclosing part', this will slide the fields up to the high of the content in the field, removing any blank spacing, and also move the body of the layout up with it and this should only print a single page.


          If this does not help let me know. 

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            Hi Orlando,


            I'm having a similar problem, but the solution you gave did not work for me. Rather than a blank page being printed following the page I intended to print, the record I intended to print is printed twice, the second time with all the fields I have added blank. I only want it to print once. I print up to 500 records in a given layout at a time and I currently have to print all records individually, selecting the "from 1 to 1" print setting.


            Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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              Hi Emily


              I see this has been solved in another post, glad you have got is working.

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                   I found a post with the same problem that I am having, but the "fix" did not work for me.  I print over 800 envelopes in a single batch.  My layout does not extend over the printable area but it will print one envelope correctly then the next will be blank then the 2 envelope correctly, the next blank.  Basically every other envelope is blank.  My print settings are correct.  I usually end up making a new layout each time and that is just crazy.  I have a Mac OS X.   I have looked all over for what is wrong with this..  HELP!  Thanks.
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                  Thank you for your post.


                  Pull down the View menu and select "Preview Mode".  This is the same information that is being sent to the printer.  If you switch to page 2 and see a blank page, then your Body part is probably just going over the page break.  Reduce the Body part a couple of pixels and return to Preview Mode.



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                    Using FileMaker Pro 9.3 on a Mac v. 10.6.2 when tiling horizontally 100 or more records using 6 (or more or less) columns, a maximum of 34 records appear in preview mode or printed.  Numerous spaces that could accommodate records are left blank.  How do I maximize the number of tiled records on any given page...please.

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                      34 records or 34 pages in preview mode? When you switch to preview mode, the book control now counts pages rather than records and all the records in the current found set are previewed. In either case there's no maximum here, if you add more records to your found set, you'll see more pages in preview mode.


                      The white space you describe is likely from one of two causes:


                      1) you have unused open space in a layout part such as the Body. Drag the part boundaries up and reposition/re-size layout objects to eliminate the extra space.

                      2) You have large multi-line fields or portals that are empty are display just a few lines of text. The sliding option you can set in the Inspector (filemaker 11) or from the Layout menu (Older versions) can be set to slide the field up and to also resize the enclosing part. Note that all layout objects including graphic objects and layout text that are even with or below the field must also be set to slide up the same way.

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                        Hi Orlando -

                        My issue is slightly different. Im trying to print a record which has info that exceeds the viewable field.  Meaning, when I am in the record, there is a slider on the right which allows me to see the info below.  However, when I try to print, it only prints what the screen can see.


                        Can you help?

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                          You'll need to re-size the field so that all the text is visible in order for it to print correctly. Sometimes this requires setting up a separate layout for printing with over size fields that are set to slide up and resize the enclosing part so that your data entry and browse layout stays useable.