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Record queries into a table

Question asked by RobinParker on Dec 17, 2010
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Record queries into a table


Hi all,

Hope you can help me.  I'm trialling Filmaker at the moment (that's how much experience I have!!)

I have put a load of records into my database.  Each of the records have (at least) 2 fields, call them field1 and field2

I need to generate a report/table where you have the possible values of field1 down the side and the possible values of field2 along the top and the bits in the middle populated by the counts of the number of records that have that value for field1 and the other value for field2.

Hope you can help me with that.  I've done database stuff before but filemaker seems to have it's own way of doing things.

Once I've done that, the fun starts! These records go back to 2003 and I have to produce a similar report for each year (this is just the totals one)

Anyway, thanks in anticipation!