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Record Recycle Bin

Question asked by david583 on Nov 26, 2010
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Record Recycle Bin


FMPro10 & FMPro11, FM Server11. Windows Network (XP & Vista)

I would like to create a recycle bin for deleted records as a bit of extra protection. Currently unfamiliar users are prevented from deleting but even the experienced ones make mistakes.

I have been experimenting by exporting the record before it's deleted to another unrelated table. (deletes may occur from five different tables) but am having issues with scripting a restore function.

Each Delete button has a script parameter of the table name, on export it sets the first field as the source table name and fills in each numbered field by custom export order (different for each source table). All Good. My problems begin with trying to restore the data. 

Has anybody else attempted this successfully and willing to share a few tips?