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Record Restriction at 2 levels

Question asked by new2fm11 on Apr 22, 2010
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Record Restriction at 2 levels


Hi, I'm totally brand new to FM, but I think I'm finding my way thanks to the help section and forum. I have a db where there are 2 sets of users, sales reps & sales techs. The techs can only see tasks assigned to them, but the techs are assigned to multiple reps. The reps can see all techs activities who are assigned to them. ie 1 Rep can have multiple Techs assigned to his accounts. How can I set this up correctly? So far, I have the following script when the user clicks on my Show All button All User Abort (off) Go to Layout (Taskbar) Enter Find Mode ( ) Perform Script (Set Current User) <-- script to set the current user field to Get (AccountName) If (Current User not= "admin") Perfrom Find/Replace (Creator Name = Current User, find next) Perform Find ( Restore ) <-- Finds all related records End If I want to add a check to see if the Sales Rep is the user, and then find all related tasks. The rep cannot be the creator name. Please help....please give examples as I've been trying all sorts of different scripts with no luck. Thanks