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Question asked by Marty1 on May 24, 2012
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I am looking for some guidance how to set up several searches for property management. I have fields 'Date', 'Roof', & 'Garden' to name but a few. I have 2 different search criteria:

1) I wish to find properites build at a certain date (say 1970), with flat roof and Garden,

I beleive the way forward is by using Set Field syntax,

Set Field [house::Date; globals::Date]

Set Field [house::roof_type; globals::Roof]

Set Field [house::Plot; globals::Plot]

Perform find []

Presumably the system returns only the properties that match all 3 criteria?


I now wish to find any property built in 1970 AND any property with a garden AND any property with a flat roof.   So this set of results will list any that satify any one of the criteria. Please can you help me with the syntax ?

Thanks, Regards