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    Record sort based on a specific portal row



      Record sort based on a specific portal row


      I have a layout with a a portal. the portal is sorted in descending order so that the last record added to the portal is always displayed.  When I sort records in the layout in descending order everything looks fine.  However, when I sort records in ascending order based on a field in the portal they look out of place because the sort appears to be based on the first record in the portal.  How can I always sort by the last portal row?

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          I can't quite picture what you are doing. Can you provide an example?

          You may need either an additional layout or to place the portal inside a tab or slide control where different panels have different copies of the portal, but with different specified sort orders. The borders and panel of such a control need not be visible to establish the illusion that your portal is dynamically sorting into different orders. You can use a script to both sort the layout's records and select the specific panel to use to display the portal.