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Record update looping script

Question asked by soomotom on Aug 5, 2009
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Record update looping script


Hi all,


I'm new at this stuff, please forgive my ignorance!


I have a email db with contact information for a group of people.  

I have a spreadsheet with 50 names who want to opt out.


My main list of people is table 1 (T1)

I was thinking of importing the spreadsheet into a table (T2).

Run a script that would open the first record in T2 and look for the matching email address in T1.

If found, update the record in T1 by adding 'opt-out' in the comment field.

Loop back to record 2 in T2


Is my logic good? (I may be way off on how to accomplish this)

How do I begin?


Thanks very much,