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Record visibility in portal

Question asked by synergy46 on Aug 9, 2012
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Record visibility in portal


I have a membership database.  On the left of the image below is a portal which shows the same membership records as the area to the right but is limited to names.  It is in this poral that uses click to select a member record.

Problem:  Due to death, suspension, non payment of dues etc, sometimes a member becomes 'inactive'.  I need a way to have a button click that will run a script that will SHOW JUST THE ACTIVE MEMBERS ON THE LEFT SIDE PORTAL.

I succeeded in writing a script that allows me to to use arrow buttons to jump through just the active records.  But, I can still  SEE the inactive records.  I don't want to see the inactdive record member names (on the left)

I suspect there is some kind of relationship I can use but I can't get the relationship to show Members::STATUS = "".  It seems  a relationship limiter reqires  field to field relationship???


Thanks for reading...