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      I have a database with a portal that shows numerus records in that record, then I have a table view that shows the info of the record and someinfo of the portal record.....working good but what I am having problems with, is it show the top portal info and when I add a new record in the portal table it will add it on the bottum ,,,,, I want to have the latest portal record shown in table view with my record...... 


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          You can't use a portal in table view (except possibly in the header or footer and this is not what you want here anyway.)

          You can only include fields from the layout's table and the "first" related record from any related tables. The default settings for a relationship will make the "first" related record to be the oldest record out of the set of related records (the records that show in your portal). But you can go into Manage | Database | Relationships, double click the relationship line linking your layout's table to the portal's table (occurrence) and specify a sort order for the related records in the portal's table. If you have an auto-entered date, timestamp or serial number field (Serial number field MUST be of type Number, not text), you can specify a descending sort order on that field to make the most recently created record the "first" related record and then it will appear in your table view.