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RecordID Question

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Dec 10, 2009
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RecordID Question


I'm trying to set up a given file to open with a found set and on the same record as when it was closed. The found set part is simple . . . I've created a global field, let's call it gSet, and the closing script  sets the field with a value. When the file is opened again an opening script performs a find using the contents of gSet on the appropriate field. I thought I could do the same with a field, let's call it gID, by setting it to Get(RecordID) upon closing, then using GoToRecord by calculation using the stored RecordID in gID, but of course the GoToRecord step expects a RecordNumber(not RecordID) that exists in the set found using gSet. Is there no way to make this script step work with a RecordID (which doesn't change)?


If I close the file with a subset of the set that's found on re-opening, I'd still like to go to the same record as when the file closed. The problem:I may have four records of 75 that are engagements of a given production showing when I close. When I re-open of course I'll have all 75 records of this production but want the focus to be on the last record viewed. It would be simple to have only the one record found but that's not what I'm after. BTW this layout is in Form view.