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RecordID, CurrentRecord

Question asked by SkipperID on Dec 11, 2014
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RecordID, CurrentRecord


Hello Filemakers!

I've created a button on most layouts that goes to a table and creates a "Help Ticket" for some of my users. 
Basically, it means "I was trying to enter this data and I have a question on this record or layout" 

The button Script does:

SetVariable[$TroubleTable; Value:Get(LayoutTableName)]
SetVariable[$TroubleLayout; Value:Get(LayoutName)]
SetVariable[$TroubleRecord; Value:Get(RecordID)]

then, (summarized) Create a New Window, Go to the TroubleTicket Layout, Create New Record and:

Set Field [TROUBLE::CurrentTable; $TroubleTable]
Set Field [TROUBLE::CurrentLayout; $TroubleLayout]
Set Field [TROUBLE::CurrentRecord; $TroubleRecord]

I don't think Get(RecordID) is the right function to be using. Or Get(CurrentRecord)
I want it to return the value in the ID field that I have created (TableName:ID), But the Value in the CurrentRecord field is a number instead of the text+serialnumber in the field
Every table has an ID field, (auto generated, serial #) am I cheating by asking this script to use the "ID" no matter what the table is without setting the table name and field? Somehow I think I need to be more specific about the field. 
Any advice to get that ID from a field in any table?