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Recording Client Correspondence

Question asked by ScottLand on Jul 15, 2011
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Recording Client Correspondence


I have followed a few of the forum posts about setting up Client Correspondence tables. I am very close to making it all work but I have a couple of challenges. I have created a portal to view the correspondence and I can see the sample data that I manually input into the table (Correspondence). I have created a script to allow me to create a new Correspondence record. However, it is not bringing the client primary key or the Correspondence Primary key into the table (ClientCorrespondence) that links the Clients table with the Correspondence table. The Script is also taking me directly to the table to add a new record. Is it possible to add the new Correspondence record from the portal on the clients contact layout?

This is the script I have setup:

Enter Browse Mode []
Set Variable [$ID; Value:Clients::__pkClients]
Go to Layout ["Correspondence" (Correspondence)]
New Record/Request
Set Field [Correspondence::_pkCorrespondence]
Go to Layout ["Correspondence" (Correspondence)]
Go to Field [Correspondence::SentVia]

Attached are the relationships between the Clients, ClientCorrespondence and Correspondence tables.

Thanks in advance for any help.