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    Recording Contact/Correspondence History



      Recording Contact/Correspondence History


      Hi all,
      I have created a database so that we can record all the relevant details for charity donors etc, but I am stuck on how I can create a history of correspondence, so that if that person calls, e-mails or speaks to me, I can look at their corresponding history.

      Basically, I need to have the following:

      • Date (of correspondence)

      • Method of Correspondence

      • Brief Notes

      This would need to be linked to the main database as we'd like to keep the notes and their fields in a different table.

      The bottom line is, if Mr 'X' phones up, we can put that contact up in the main database, and look at their notes which will be under a tab called "Correspondence History".

      I have put the file online at:


      The file is called contact_Management_skeleton.fp7

      Any help would be appreciated as this is important to us as we need to track what's been said, but don't have the funds to pay someone which is why I am learning all about databases..

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          Please note, I have not taken the time to download your file.

          Do you know how to create a portal?

          If you do, then take, Date, MethodofCorr, Note and define date and text fields for them in a new table. Add a ContactID field so that you can link this table to your contacts table. (If you don't have a contactID serial number field in your contacts table, you need one)

          Use Manage | Database | Relationships to link it to your existing contacts table and enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for your new table.

          Now you can place a portal to this new table on your contacts layout for recording notes on each communication from that contact. (Hint: you can make a portal row several lines of text tall instead of the default single line of text row height to better accomodate the needs of your notes field.)