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    Recording field modification dates



      Recording field modification dates


      I have a record which logs the achievement of 90 targets (currently organised as 10 fields each with 9 repetitions). I now want to record  the date that each is achieved (ie the date that the target field is updated). Is there an easy way to log in one field the date of modification of another? And can it also be done with repeating fields?

      Thanks in advance

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           Try with a calculation field, result text, with calc:

          trigger = List ( YourRepeatingField ) ;
          Get ( CurrentTimeStamp )  & ¶ & Self

          Note that if someone clears all the repeatitions, also that calculated field will be cleared.

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            Thanks very much for this. It's very impressive, and took me a good while to work out how it all works. Sadly, it won't serve as the targets aren't necessarily reached in sequence so there would be no way to tie the achievement of a particular target with a particular date in the list. Also, a fat-fingered error on input and subsequent correction show up as two different events rather than no events (this database is designed for input via FileMaker Go for iPhone, so fat fingers are an issue!).

            There seems to be no way to capture the number of the repetition that has been updated. At this rate, I'm going to end up with 180 fields: (one for the target and one for the mod date) * 90!

            Thanks again for the help -- its' been an education.

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              Sounds like you need to set up a table of related records instead of all of these individual fields like this. The resulting structure can be much easier to work with than repeating fields or a large set of identical fields in the same record.

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                OK, I took your advice and made a new file to store all the achievement records and their mod dates and I have multiple portals on screen to allow an appropriate display. I have created a summary field to display the total in each column. This works OK, but is strangely unresponsive on screen. That is to say that I can add an achievement and click away from the field but the summary doesn't update. One can usually make it update by clicking in the summary field itself, but even that is not guaranteed. I tried a script to Refresh Window, but that has no effect. It always updates eventually, but I can't find anything to hurry it up (ideally it should be instantaneous...). When used in FlleMaker Go it is very slow at recording the new achievement and slower still updating the summary.

                My second problem is with exports. I want to export one line of data with totals for each column. I can select the Summary field I have set up, but this then exports the line nine times, one for each related record. 

                Be very grateful for any assistance.


                Many thanks.

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                  To force a complete screen refresh, try using:

                  Commit Record
                  Refresh Window.

                  as a script trigger controlled script fired by any edit actions that would require this update.

                  If that doesn't work, try including the "flush cached join results" option for refresh window.

                  WIth regards to your exports, I can think of some fairly "ugly" solutions where you use an interim table to pull your data back into something closer to the original multiple fields per record format and then you export from that table, but can't help thinking there must be a better alternative here...

                  Anyone know if this can be done with an xml export and a properly designed xslt "grammar"?

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                    Thanks very much for that -- your suggestion worked like a champ (I had to add the flush cache move before it would, but it's now near-instataneous on the Mac -- haven't tested the FileMaker Go yet).

                    My mastery of XML is not what it should be, so maybe it will be a horrible Excel kludge to sort the exported output. Wouldn't be the first time!

                    Thanks again for your input -- invaluable.