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Recording history of related records

Question asked by MaxMcNair on Oct 11, 2010


Recording history of related records


Hey guys - first post! ^_^

Hoooopefully I am not doubling up here - 

I have created a Computer - User - Software  database which our IT department will use to track the movements of our software in the company. 

I have createdthe following (relevant) tables and fields:

Software - [Containing the software types ie. Adobe CS5]

SoftwareSerial - [Containing the serial numbers and OS]

Computers - [Containing the individual Computers as defined by their name]

Currently I am connecting the tables via the following relationship:

Software to SoftwareSerial via Software Name.

SoftwareSerial to Computers via Computer Name

The software serial items will obviously be attached to a single computer at a time, but they will be switching from computer to computer. My system tracks what Computer the software is CURRENTLY on but not what computers it has been on in the past - I need to have a system which records every time a serial number links to a computer. It would be fantastic if you have any suggestions of the best way to track this information.

I have currently tried to create a SoftwareSerialHistory table which relates to the serial number field and brings in all the data via lookup tables but I don't exactly know how to go about it.

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated! Thanks!!