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    recording imported data path?



      recording imported data path?


      My solution imports records from a file, processes it and then exports in excel format. How to record the path of imported data file so that an export script can export into the same directory?

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          How do you specify that path in the first place?

          If you use a $Path variable to specify the import path the same variable can be used to specify the export path.

          Here's a rough outline of how I do this for some "update new version" scripts:

          I set up a layout with a global container field.

          I use a script with that layout that uses Insert File to insert a file by reference into this global field. The user runs the script, gets a dialog box for finding and selecting the file. They select the file and the script inserts a reference to that file into the global container field. The script then set's a variable to the file path that a calculation extracts from the container field and uses that variable for the Import Records scripts that I've set up to pull the data from that older copy of the file into the newer version.

          For more on $Path variables, container fields and the scripts that use them see: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts