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    Recording Payments Into One Table From 3 Table Sources



      Recording Payments Into One Table From 3 Table Sources


      Good afternoon, 

      I have three tables set up in FM 11: Product sales quotes, product sales invoices and service sale invoices. I need to be able to record payments through one easy to use table. I've created the new table called Payments and made a field called reference number in the table - among some other fields. I made a relationship from each of the first three tables to the new payments table by connecting their reference number fields to the Payment tables reference number field. 

      From there I'm not sure what to do. I'd like to have one layout to go to that shows all unpaid invoices from all three tables. Any help is appreciated and I can answer more questions about the setup. 

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          I have more questions than suggestions here.

          Why would you apply a payment to a Product Sales Quote?

          What issues are solved by having separate Quotes, product and services tables?

          I ask that last question, because if you can merge all three of these into a single table, using a "type" field to distinguish between types, recording payments becomes much easier.

          With three separate tables here, I think you'll end up with three different portals--one for each to list all your "unpaid" records for payment assignment and any kind of summary report becomes very problematic to create.