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           If I have x amount of clients and each client has its own records when I see the records in a layout how can I set the layout to set specific records from the same client inseted of seeing all records?

           Let's say I have a-z clients. a client has no 1, b client has no2, c client has number no3 and so on. If I want to see records from client # 6 how can i see the records only from that client intead of seeing all?

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               You have several options to work with depending on the design of your layout and the tables that make up your database system.

               The simplest approach is to perform a find for all records for the client that you choose from a value list or enter into a field. The find can be automated with a script.

               If you display the records in a portal, the relationship and/or the portal filter can limit the records to a specific client. So if you have a table with one record for each client with the client info on it, you can find the client on a layout based on this table and then a portal to a second table can list all records in that table that are linked to that client record. A portal filter expression can further limit what records appear in the portal.

               And from this same layout based on a table of one record per client, you can use Go TO Related records to pull up a set of records linked to that client record on another layout and, if desired, in a different window.