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    records being browsed, search results



      records being browsed, search results


      Hi all, 


      I have created a layout for address labels and have it all lined up and printing well.  what i would like to do now is if i am on the main layout and i do a search for a particular criteria to filter results, how do i then take those search results and print the address labels for them?. it currently prints labels for just everyone entered on the database.

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          How have you set up your database? If you open layout setup on the the main and labels layout and check the "show records from" drop down, I predict that you will see different names. If they both referred to the same layout they would share the same found set--the records you find on one layout would then also be your found set on the other. But it's also possible for a script to be set in place that peforms a new find or show all records when you change layouts.

          So first tell us what is in the "show records from" drop downs for these two layouts. The name you see in these drop downs will be the name of a table occurrence "box" found in manage | database | layouts. You'll then need to explain how the two are related or if they are not related.

          If the two layouts do have the same table occurrence name, we'll have to figure out what is changing your found set when you go from the main layout to the labels layout. Do you click a button or select the layout from the labels layout in the status area?

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             Ok, so I checked and both layouts are showing records from the same table. 

            At the moment I got it to work by creating a button that runs a script performing the find I want....which is working fine for this particular purpose.  But what I would like is for users to be able to search for any criteria they need and be able to print the labels from the results.  I don't want to have to create scripts each time.  Does any of this make sense?  I'm really new to this process so I don't know if I explain things properly to be understood. 

            I tried to add a button to the main page so that once a find was done you can click the buttons for labels but it was then printing for everyone on the database, not the found set.  So at the moment other than the button I created with the script performing the specific find I needed now I have nothing done. 

            I presume now that you asked about are they related (Which they currently aren't that this might have somethign to do with it.  Maybe I just did something wrong when creating a button?  Maybe.............. lol

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              If both layouts display exactly the same text in "show records from", then you can perform a find on your main layout and when you change to the labels layout, it will have the same found set--the same records pulled up on your main layout.

              The only thing that would keep this from happening is if another script--such as  one performed by a script trigger when you change layouts--interferes and changes the found set.