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Records disappear when sorted, reappear when unsorted

Question asked by JohnLawrence on Aug 1, 2012
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Records disappear when sorted, reappear when unsorted


(Strangest thing I've seen in 20 years of dealing with FMP)

1. I have a table called "task_tbl".  The records are generated by a script in batches of 1-200 or more by importing from a task_library table.

2. When they are first created, they appear quite normally in a list on a task_tbl layout.

3. I then open a new window on top of the first window and display a subset of records from the same task_tbl.  The records in the new window are sorted in a different way than the records from the same table on the first window.

4. What's happening is that the first time I try this with newly created records, as soon as I sort the subset in the new window, both task_tbl layouts are suddenly apparently empty! The fact is that there are actually records there, they just aren't being displayed. You can see in the status bar the system is indicating "20/363" records but no records are visible. (Note the partially displayed fields at the right of the screenshot)

5. Here's the kicker...If I then UNSORT the records, they will reappear.  Unsorted of course.  As soon as I sort the reords...they disappear again. Eventually if I edit a record that was previously displayed, it seems to correct everything although on several occasions this has been followed by a complete FM crash which has sometimes required a Recover.

After a crash or sometimes if I navigate away and come back, those same records will behave perfectly normally!


Weird, weird, weird.

So, in summary:

1. I'm displaying multiple, different found sets from the same table in different windows. Problem?

2. I'm also sorting those multiple sets in different ways in the different windows.  Could this be creating a problem?

This is happening in other scripts where I open a subset of records from the same table in a different window and loop on them or otherwise modify them. But it seems to me I've done that kind of thing before and never had a problem?

Looking forward to any help.