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Records disappearing randomly FMP 11

Question asked by galumay on Jul 5, 2010
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Records disappearing randomly FMP 11


Hi, One of my clients is using FMP 11 and on random occasions we are losing records, it occurs across a number of databases and it mainly appears to affect recently created records, although with over 6,000 records in the main database its hard to confirm.

FMP is running on an X-Serve and the other clients, which are all iMacs running 10.5 or 10.6, access the database through a remote connection on the server. 

The clients have lost faith in FMP, they want to me to revert to an earlier version of FMP, but I am very doubtful this will resolve the issue as I dont believe that the upgrade to 11.0 was specifically to blame.

I have talked to FMP support in Australia and they sent me info about repairing and restoring databases, but I can only do the first two stages as the records have embedded images in them and its not feasible or possible to completely rebuild the databases with the image files. The two initial steps did not resolve the issue and basically support told me it is likely a corruption of the databases and there is nothing else that can be done to fix the issue!

Currently I am frequently creating incremental backups that I save separately to ensure that in the event of further loss of records, not too much work is lost.

As the database forms the archival database of 20 plus years of artwork from a major indigenous Art centre, they regard it as their crown jewels and they are less than impressed that it has become so unstable and unreliable.

Has anyone else had experience with FMP 11 deleting recently created records and does anyone have any suggestions for preventing future losses?

Cheers, Rick

EDIT - I should add that they dont have a backup of the databases that predates the issue occuring.