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Records do not appear in portal

Question asked by conlin100 on Nov 13, 2009
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Records do not appear in portal




I am using FM Pro 9 Advanced. I have the file on a server, but I also tried using a copy on my PC, and the same problem occurs there.


I have a database that includes student records on standardized tests. I have one layout that has three portals for 3 tests: an annual test, a high school exit exam, and a language test. I enter the test data on the screen for the test, and it should appear in the portals. Until a few days ago it was working fine. Now if I enter test data, it does not appear in the portal. I am not aware of any change of relationships in the relationship graph. I can see the new records in the test layout, but not on the page with 3 portals. 


One possibility - someone came to our school and told us about the "anchor-buoy" scheme, where you have multiple copies of the files in the relationship graph. He said that results can be unpredictable if you do not use anchor-buoy, that is, multiple copies of the table in the graph - one table for each relationship. I have not used that scheme.


What really puzzles me is that this was working fine a while ago, and it doesn't work on the backup copy I have. It seems to me it was working when I made that backup copy.


Thank you in advance.

Chuck Conlin