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Records filed or in use

Question asked by tays01s on Jul 23, 2014
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Records filed or in use


     I'm sure this may be a simple problem but I can't quite get how to make it work. I have a 'name' field. Currently the same table and layout have a:

     NameStatus = Use or File values

     NameStatusList = In use or Filed.

     I would like to be able to specify what the pop-up list is populated with using a radio-button = In use or Filed. However, once I've finished working with a Name record I'd like to specify its NameStatus = Use or File. So for example a Name may appear when I've specified 'In use', but I may decide to change it to filed. Next time the pop-up showing names is activated that particular name should disappear from the pop-up list if that list is still set to 'In use'. I haven't figured how to avoid a circular argument.