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Records Getting Mixed Up

Question asked by fireballprinting on Mar 14, 2014
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Records Getting Mixed Up



     I'm running filemaker pro with multiple users, hosted through filemaker server. I've recently started experiencing a problem where if two people are working on different records at the same time, the data from one record will get mixed up with the data from the other. It's hard to give an example, because it's been happening in all different situations, but here's one time where it's been happening:

     We have a script to create a quote for a client, and it brings them from the clients layout/table to the quotes layout/table. This is the script:

     Set Variable [ $CLIENT; Value:clients::_kp_clients_id ]
     Go to Layout [ “Quotes Form” (quotes) ]
     New Record/Request
     If [ Get ( LastError ) = 200 ]
     Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Can't Add"; Message: "You don't have privileges to add " & Lower(LeftWords(Get(LayoutName); 1))
     & "."; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes” ]
     End If
     Set Field [ quotes::_kf_clients_id; $CLIENT ]
     Set Field [ quotes::select; 1 ]
     Go to Field [ quotes::job_name ]
     [ Select/perform ]
     Sometimes when users activate this script, the client id that's put in for the new quote is the id of a client that another user is editing.
     I've had similar problems with other scripts. These are scrips that I've been using for months without issue so I'm not sure what's causing the problem now.
     I did recently upgrade all the users to FM Pro 13, but I'm still running Server 12, not sure if that would cause it. I also recently preformed the update to Server 12 and upgraded our OS to Mavericks.