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Records in Certain Layout Not Showing

Question asked by aklobby on Feb 5, 2013
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Records in Certain Layout Not Showing


     I have a database that tracks items as they move through a process. I have loaded all of the items and they show up in a list view without a problem. I also assign these items a catagory. I have a layout based on the category that should show each item and each category assigned to it. This works for the most part, however, I have noticed that a few items are not showing up on the category layout even though they are showing up in the item layout and have been assigned categories. I do have this database hosted on a server where more than one user can access the database at the same time. 

     The relationship is:  pkITEM---fkCATEGORY

                                                             fkPERSONRESPONSIBLE -----pkPERSON

     I am not sure why this isolated case (two records out of 288) is happening. I have four other databases set up the same way and, touch wood, this is not occurring. 

     Any guidance would be appreciated.