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    Records List on a Single Record Page



      Records List on a Single Record Page


      What I have is a bunch of projects I am coordinating.  Each record shows all the details and deadlines associated with the project.  I have also assigned a priority level (High, Medium, Low) and Priority Number (1 to ??) to each project. 

      What I want to do is create is a table (?Portal) on the record page that shows all the records associated with the corresponding priority level?  This way when i am assigning a priority number in a priority level, i can see what the current list is.

      i assume this is done in a portal, I just don't know how.

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          If you are using FileMaker 11, you can set up a portal that filters by priority level. With 10 and older, you can still do this, but you include the field in the portal's relationship.

          On the other hand, you can just keep this all in a list view layout and perform a find for a given priority level, then sort by priority number. The find and sort can be implemented with a pop up menu or three buttons that then performs this find and sort in a script.

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            I am using FMP 9

            How do I set that up to filter by priority level?  I am just getting back in to using Filemaker after a few years off and on top of that it's been like 7 years since the last time I actually created something with a portal, so I just can't remember how.

            I don't really want to make a list view because this would take me too a whole new page, I want to be able to see the priority level list on the same page as the record I am putting all the information in.  Unless there is a way to embed a layout in a record, but I have never heard of doing that.  That would be cool if that is possible.

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              You can use a global text field in a relationship.

              Let's call it, gSelectedPriority

              Table::gSelectedPriority = Table2::Priority

              Table and Table2 can be different occurrences of the same data source table or different tables. It depends on how you design your database.

              Create a layout based on table, and place a portal to Table2 on it. Add gSelectedPriority to your layout and format it with a value list listing the three priority values. By selecting a different priority from the value list, you select the records for that priority to be listed in the portal. You can also specify a sort order either in the relationship or in the portal so that the records are sorted in order by priority number.